The Monkey God battles the Demon in this setting. This is a terrific example of color management. The head of the axe, the waves in the demon's headdress, all work in unison to create an effect of mythic magic.

Note the detail on the stick, and how the artist has inscribed the shaft on the section that happens to be white - as if deliberatly planned in the original design, rather than an act of creativity on the go.

This work is simply titled, "Beethoven". A bust of the master with standard-issue scowl. The real start of the set is the beautifully imagined "sheet music" with gently curved pages and musical notation.

The creativity of the artists is striking; I wish some of this stuff was readily available in teh states so I would take friends to look at the works in person.

Since the carvings must be made from a single black of stone, with no editing, it seems unbelievable that details can be created like this chain, held between the mouths of two dragons.

Even more incredible is the detail of the carved ball, created like a lattice -- and that ball contains another ball inside.

The artist was able to separate the lifelike fish from the head of one of the birds, because of the colors in the stone, but the other bird inherited some of this lighter tone.

Steve W design